About Us

Our Purpose

Australia’s home-grown talent is almost as abundant as our rampant appreciation for it. Yet too often we go to parties and pubs where the only source of entertainment is a playlist on someone's phone. CrowdPleaser is on a mission to change this. We want to make more events magnificent by connecting event organisers and entertainers through our trusted online community marketplace. From musicians to magicians to motivational speakers, at CrowdPleaser you’ll find epic entertainment for any occasion.

Rory Winter


Rebecca Jancauskas


Mark Campbell


Our Story

Rory and Rebecca decided to get hitched. They wanted to make their wedding truly unforgettable by booking an awesome band. So they started googling, but soon discovered that finding and comparing bands was tedious and tricky. They sought advice from their married mates and found they too had encountered similar frustrations. Exasperated, they exclaimed: "booking live entertainment shouldn't be daunting, it should be fun!"

So after exchanging vows with one another, Rory and Rebecca vowed to revolutionise the way Australians find, compare and hire performing artists. But they needed help with the technical stuff. So they teamed up with Mark, a clever chap who knows how to build websites. Many bottles of wine and hundreds of coffees later, CrowdPleaser was born.