About Us

Our Purpose

Australia’s home-grown talent is almost as abundant as our rampant appreciation for it. Yet too often we go to parties and pubs where the only source of entertainment is a playlist on someone's phone. CrowdPleaser is on a mission to change this. We want to make more events magnificent by connecting event organisers and entertainers through our trusted online community marketplace. From musicians to magicians to motivational speakers, at CrowdPleaser you’ll find epic entertainment for any occasion.

Rory Winter


Rebecca Jancauskas


Mark Campbell


Our Story

When Rory and Rebecca were struggling to find affordable live music for their wedding, they went to their local drinking establishment to drown their sorrows. The guy behind the bar was a musician who lamented that opportunities to earn by plying his craft were few and far between.

And so the proverbial light bulbs had their moment, with the pair identifying the need for a platform to unite Aussies planning events with emerging and professional performers. They roped in their mate Mark who knows how to build websites, and many coffees and bottles of wine later, CrowdPleaser was born.