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Introducing "The Bopalongs Musical Show”
The Bopalongs Music is a children's music singing/dancing - act from Melbourne.
It is a fully interactive and fun entertainment package which is especially designed for children up to 10 years, although all ages are welcome.
The Bopalongs Music stage show goes for approx. 30-45 minutes (depending on performance requirements) and includes all original songs presented with actions and finger plays that are easy to follow and join in with.

All performance themes presented are in line with current educational standards with all song concepts being both fun & educational encouraging audience participation & plenty of smiles and laughter.


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Show details:
The Bopalongs music is a fun, dynamic and colourful children’s performance act for kids of all ages. The Bopalongs music combine all original songs that are upbeat, modern, educational, and entertaining, as they combine catchy songs performed with finger plays, actions and easy to follow dance steps that the children will love. The show presentation is 30-45 minutes in length and is adaptable for larger or smaller events.

Inclusion and belonging
A fully interactive sing along presentation that encourages young audiences to participate mixed with a theatrical dialogue of comedy, sound effects, colourful & delightful props, guitar, and costumes.

Songs and concepts
Learn about fruit and healthy eating with the song "In My Fruit Bowl", whilst swaying to the hula. Learn and make shapes with your fingers while dancing to "Triangles in My Lunchbox” Learn about transport and blast off to the stars in your rockets with "I’d Rather Ride in a Rocket". Click on your seat belt, use your windscreen wipers, and make rain falling actions, then use your pretend steering wheel with "The Rainy-Day Ride Song". and much much more.

The Bopalongs Philosophy
The Bopalongs music promotes positive guidance and themes and that are in line with current educational standards whilst also ensuring a sense of belonging & inclusion for all.
Themes include: daily routines, safety, health & hygiene, science & technology, roleplay & imagination, counting, sorting, shapes, colours & basic maths concepts.
All music performances promote a child’s individual self-expression & creativity along with non-gender bias content.

These are the categories of entertainment or other services offered by The Bopalongs.

The performance is self-contained with pull up backdrops and logo signs and includes all equipment required. PA, headsets, lighting, musical instruments, costumes and props. Power is all that is required.
The Bopalongs Music stage show goes for approx. 30-45 minutes (depending on performance requirements) and includes all original songs presented with actions and finger plays that all children can easily follow and join in with.
Included in the stage show performance are the following: Original songs, sound-effects, lighting, props, costumes, guitar playing and comical (child relatable) theatrical story line which is guaranteed to please young audiences.
The Bopalongs Music can cater for larger or smaller events, indoor and outdoor venues and can include a dressed-up character if required.
Roving guitar playing and sing along songs of children's favorite nursery songs before and after performance if requested.

Stage show song list
Songs performed are shortened down for children's attention spans with song durations set at roughly two minutes each. Just click on the links to hear the samples.

No1 Greet The Day Youtube link
A song about getting up in the morning and preparing for the day ahead which encourages good hygiene practices and routines. It is a soft rock song with lots of dancing and finger plays. Brushing teeth, stretching yawning, washing, bathing, running, and walking and doing exercises on the spot. A great intro opening song

No2 Dressing Up Youtube link
A song about what you want to be when you grow up. The song is a little classical in feel with a main aim is to encourage gender equality and individuality. Children participate with a Q and A about what job they would like to have one day. All hands go up… Children participate and contribute and during the song mimic actions very easily. Dress up props are included with comedy and marching actions.

No3 In My Fruit Bowl Youtube link
A song about the various fruit in a fruit bowl with a tropical genre feel. It is very colourful and interactive as children are encouraged to dance the hula whilst the song is being presented. The song promotes healthy eating with plastic fruit props, fruit bowl, and floral leis necklaces, lots of colour and humour.

No4 Triangles in My Lunch Box shorts Youtubelink
This song is the catchiest one and is the best dance action song. A fun bubble-gum genre feel that is interactive. Children mimic shapes with use of finger plays whilst they copy the performers movements. They learn shapes and use hand to eye coordination. A shape banner and lunch box and backpack are used as part of the learning adventure. children help and call out shapes and join in with ease to the song.

No5 I'd Rather Ride in a Rocket Youtube link
A great upbeat song and dance track genre. Children learn to identify various transportation with leading up sound effects. Children can easily follow dance steps and actions and make rocket ships with their arms pointing up. Turning on the starlight lighting amazes kids as they pretend to be in outer space, this is great for imaginative thinking. A song about transportation, space, and technology. Count downs, blasting off and walking on the moon.

No6 Rainy Day Ride Youtube link
A lovely outro or finishing song, with umbrella hat and pretend steering wheel. A funky song feel with rainy finger actions, seat belt clicking and windscreen wipers. The children love it when the performer drives off and disappears just before the song ends only to come back again with a horn that beeps. A great weather song and easy action song, with music shakers and rainbow and sun making fun actions.

A larger performance can have a dress up mascot character come along at an extra cost.
A show can be extended if required.,
can provide children's cover songs such as Baby Shark and other favourites.
Private parties happy to do for a less cost.
Happy to perform free at charity events and donate my services

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