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Patrick lived his life as a refugee for over 10 years in Kakauma Refugee camp. As a young child, He always had a reoccurring dream, this dream was to live in a place where there wasn’t constant death. Where He could eat as much as his heart and stomach desired, without worrying about what to eat the next day. One day, Patrick received a once in a lifetime ticket. An opportunity per say, a dream come true, to migrate to Australia. He thought this was it! However, he would soon learn that the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side. Hire Patrick and hear a tale of hope, perseverance and self-belief. A young mans treacherous journey from a refugee to an Australian citizen.



Emma's Office Party in Coolum Beach, Aug 2023

Patrick was brilliant and so accommodating to our topic and questions- we loved hearing from him at our staff retreat. He has an incredible story, and is so personable. Thank you so much Patrick for your vulnerability and for sharing your passion for a better world.

Taylor's Lesson in Sunnybank, Jul 2023

Patrick is remarkable. I invited Patrick to speak to my Year 7 students about his experience as a refugee to help the students gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and hardships refugees face in their pursuit of asylum here in Australia. Both myself and the students were so grateful to Patrick for sharing his story with us so openly and generously. He had my Year 7 students totally captivated with his inspirational story, and his personal account provided them with a unique insight into his life in South Sudan and the circumstances that compelled him and his family to seek refuge. The courage and determination he exhibited throughout his journey helped the students to better understand the importance of compassion, and the transformative impact we can have when we act with kindness, and open our hearts and invite people from diverse backgrounds to share their stories. We are so grateful to have hosted Patrick at our College and look forward to welcoming him back in the future!

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With 12 years of public speaking experience, Patrick will deliver a presentation with interactive sections and real-life examples from his own personal experiences. The presentations are tailored to audiences of any age. Book Patrick now as his calendar fills up fast.

Any set up is ok.

Motivational Speaking
Keynote Speaker
Diversity and Inclusion

- Patrick will deliver an inspiring presentation on remaining resilient in the face of adversity. He will share is trials and tribulations endured during the most challenging moments of his life and show the audience that if he can do it then they too can achieve such great feats. (Suitable for all Audiences)

- Most young people don't know the process of migrating into another country. Patrick will share vivid accounts of the challenges that he had to endure when immigrating into Australia. He will share the journey from the start to the end. (Suitable for students studying immigration,)

- In this presentation Patrick will venture with the audience on a journey of getting them to realize their true potential. Patrick couldn't speak English when he first arrived in Australia. This proved to be a challenge when It came to reading and writing. However, with perseverance and self-belief and determination, he has not only completed a bachelor but he has also received his master’s in management. (Suitable for all Audiences)

Anti- Bullying:
As someone who has overcome personal experiences with bullying, I am driven to make a positive impact on the lives of young students and equip them with the tools they need to overcome adversity.

I understand the challenges that schools face in addressing bullying and fostering a safe, inclusive environment for students. That's why I’m dedicated to providing engaging and impactful motivational talks that instill resilience, empower students, and promote a culture of kindness within your school community.

My presentations are carefully designed to resonate with students of varying ages and backgrounds. By drawing on my personal experiences, I strive to create a highly relatable and memorable experience for your students. I firmly believe that resilience is a key factor in combating bullying, and through my talks, I inspire students to discover their own inner strength and encourage them to embrace empathy and kindness toward one another.

What sets me apart is my interactive approach. Rather than simply delivering a lecture, I create an engaging environment that captivates students' attention and encourages active participation. Through thought-provoking discussions, interactive exercises, and real-life anecdotes, I leave a lasting impression on your students, inspiring them to be agents of positive change in their school and community.

I have a working with Children Blue Card.