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Startups and standup. Jasky runs businesses by the day, makes people laugh at night. Stand up comedian with content suitable and relevant for the corporate environment, having worked in one for 15+ years.

Two time MICF Raw Comedy state finalist (2019&2020), winner of Olfend 2019 award, and host of Perth’s biggest comedy prize sponsored by Red Bull- Ultimate Funniest Comedian 2020.

Being part of the corporate world, aside from great comedy, hiring me you can expect professionalism, being on-time, not intoxicated, and honest/up-front - something that can be hard to find amongst comedians.




Christine 's Pub or Club Gig in Rockingham , Oct 2022

Great show

Irene's Corporate Event in The Vines Resort, Oct 2020

Jasky Singh, Gill Cordiner (aka Gill The Scottish Terrier), and Phil Cook performed at our work Conference Dinner on Saturday, 31st Oct 2020 at The Vines Resort to an audience of 25 guests. They were absolutely amazing, entertaining and had everyone laughing the whole time. I would definitely recommend this 3some for any event - large or small. Thanks Jasky, Gill & Phil :)

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Unlike other comedians, I also have years of corporate and business experience. Comedy isn't a full time gig for me, so I'll only take on your event if I feel I can deliver.

So aside from great comedy, which I can guarantee you'll receive, you'll also be greeted with a level of professionalism that will ensure
1. I will be on time,
2. Open/up-front about charges so things aren't missing, and,
3. Go the extra mile to ensure we create an unforgettable experience.

You can always call me anytime to chat.

These are the categories of entertainment or other services offered by Stand up comedy - suitable for corporate events.

For your event to be conducive to comedy, the below is ideal, and in brackets are the items I can assist with. I completely understand that not every venue, nor every experience will be "ideal" - however it gives you a template from which we can customise together.

1. An enclosed, quiet room. Or if not enclosed, some method to separate it from a bigger open space. Outdoor spaces, not ideal. (Can provide you with a backdrop if required),
2. Elevated platform, or stage for the performer. Helps everyone who is seated see the comedian. (Can help provide this too if required),
3. Lighting that can be shone on the face of the performer. Without it, the expressions, and acting, which are a critical component of comedy can be missed. (Can also provide this).
4. Audience seated in rows facing the stage. This is the most ideal setup for comedy. Ideally without people eating, or being served items during the performance. (Up to 110 black fold-out chairs can also be provided)
5. Quality audio system, microphone, and mic-stand. This goes without saying. (All can be provided if necessary).

Most important requirement - an audience up for the show! If we have this, the rest doesn't matter as much.

Will vary depending on the audience.

Most times I'll recommend if you have a longer time requirement, I'll bring 2/3 local comedians that I've worked with along with me. This will change a 1-person show, which can be a bit laborious, to a more engaging, variety-filled, show. Where each comedian does 20-30 mins each.

All items mentioned in the "setup requirements" can be provided at an additional cost which I can discuss with you, as necessary.

Through my business, I hold public indemnity, professional indemnity, and workers compensation insurances.