Rodney Marks: Hoaxes & Jokeses

  • Corporate Comedian in Sydney, NSW

  • Travels Nationwide
  • From $5,500 to $8,250
  • Available on Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Rodney is comedian with decades of experience in live performance, and days of experience with Zoom and Microsoft Teams events.

He plays comedy characters of great authority and importance, whose stature diminishes during the presentation. It’s fun. He’s funny. And he’s freer than you think.

Rodney’s Twitter posts are tantamount to the verisimilitude of the approximation of the facsimile of a blog. His Twitter handle is comedian_com_au.

He performs mostly at business events, occasionally at private events, and every now and then at public events.


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Comic Hoaxer

Rodney arrives at an event – in character – and works the room, schmoozing with attendees. If it is a conference, he will attend a seminar, and ask a question; if it is a dinner, he will attend pre-dinner drinks. This mixing and mingling establishes the credibility of Rodney’s comic character. At some agreed point, often advertised in the program, he will be called to a lectern to deliver a keynote address.

At the conclusion of the speech, the performance continues with a Q&A session. These questions are not set up. Those in-the-know about the hoax are observers. This time gives other funny people in the group a chance to have some revenge … not really on the corporate impostor – Rodney – but on those who booked him.

These are the categories of entertainment or other services offered by Rodney Marks: Hoaxes & Jokeses.

I'm easy to work with, and just need a mic and to be lit.

I tailor my material to the audience: individually, and by industry, sector, profession and field.

Happy to talk about roadshows.

Happy to talk about being a comedy emcee as well as a presenting a comic hoax keynote.

Rodney is insured to perform in public.

If any of his jokes are sick, they have health insurance. If a joke dies on stage, it is covered by funeral insurance.