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Chantal Miranda is an accurate Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counsellor, and motivational speaker who captivates audiences with her unique blend of humour and educational insight. With her incredible Evidential Mediumship abilities, Chantal connects individuals to their loved ones in the spirit world giving you profound messages of healing, guidance, and closure, her Psychic Clairvoyant you will get the messages like it is and no sugar coating, as a Spiritual Counsellor, Chantal offers compassionate, insightful guidance to help individuals navigate through life challenges. Chantal Motivational speaking engagements are renowned for their entertaining and inspiring and uplifting.
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When you come to see Psychic Medium Chantal Miranda, you can expect a wide range of experiences that go beyond traditional psychic readings. Chantal brings a unique blend of laughter, tears humour, education and much more to her session. Chantal has a great sense of humour that she incorporates into her sessions. She believes that laughter is a healing and uplifting force, and she uses it to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere during the session. You can expect moments of shared laughter and light-heartedness as Chantal connects with you and your loved ones in spirit., this can often lead to emotional experience, as Chantal connects with your loved ones who have passed away, delivering heartful messages from the spirit world, tears are often accompanied by sense of healing, closure and comfort. (So BYO tissues)

Chantal's sense of humour is a defining aspect of her work not your traditional Psychic Medium but a unique and memorable connection between both you and the spirt realm.
Let's talk about her Psychic abilities. Chantal has a natural Psychic Intuitive that allows her to tap into the energy and information around you. During your session, she may provide insights into various aspects of your life, such as relationship, career, basic health and personal growth. Her abilities enable her to gain an understanding of past, present, and potential upcoming events in your life offering you guidance and clarity, however there is no filters, or sugar coating your messages.

Chantal is not only a Psychic Medium but also a Spiritual Counsellor and Motivational Speaker. During your session, she likes to give you some educational insights and practical tools to help you navigate through life challenges. Her vast knowledge and experience in spirituality and personal growth enable her to offer guidance that is both enlightening and empowering.
In summary when you come to see Psychic Medium Chantal Miranda be prepared for a session filled with laughter, tears and valuable education and so much more. You will leave your session or event with newfound perspective, a connection to spirit realm and a sense of empowerment to navigate your own spiritual journey.

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Nice comfortable relaxing safe environment. Microphone if a big space

If you would like Private readings after the event . Chantal Offers 15min at $60 or 30 min at $100
Bookings must be made before or after the event.

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