Paul Graves - Snowboarding Pioneer

  • Keynote Speaker in Avoca Beach, NSW

  • Travels Nationwide
  • From $5,000 to $7,000
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Paul was the Founder of The National Snowsurfing Championships in 1982, now known as the US Open Snowboarding Championships. He was one of the original surfers of the mountain.

He spearheaded Snowboarding’s growth and expansion throughout North America, Europe and Japan in the early years, opening doors for Burton, Sims and other pioneers to sell their products.

Paul was the Coach/Advisor/Consultant for many of the Big names from the beginning of Snowboarding’s dominance .... Kelly, Kidwell, Karol, Coghlan, Brushie, National Geographic.

During his Keynote, Paul reveals how the sport started, how it was challenged, and what it took to get snowboards legalised on the mountain ranges.


More Info

Paul weaves a story of the triumphs and tribulations of the early days of sport and inspires his audiences to connect with the passion, determination and strategies required to birth both a sport and an industry!

He is available for pre-conference consultation, after deposit, as part of understanding the themes, messaging, and vision of the organisations that he presents to.

Paul plays exclusive original footage and promises an evening of inspiration at all of his live events!

If you book Paul for an MC slot, he will first discuss the format and intention of the event with the event organiser, and subsequently collect speaker Bios, before conducting a brief "meet and greet" with each speaker via phone.

Paul is here to tailor each event according to the audience and requirements of the client.

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Requires Wireless Headset or Lapel Microphone + Access To Video and Sound For Playing Exclusive Footage.

AV Not Included.

Paul is covered by Professional Indemnity for Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Training & Seminars hence able to cover a broad range of subjects.