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Murder Master Bryan has been hosting Murder Mystery Dinners & Events for many years. He plies his trade all over the country, for private parties & corporate functions.

A wide range of formats are available including mingle murders and traditional ‘Host-a-Murder' games for 10 to several hundred people.

“All of our party engaged in the murder making it a fun evening. We will definitely do it again”
Janelle & Don

“Bryan was friendly, witty and a great host.”

“Really enjoyable evening with friends who had sides I had never seen before 👍 Well organised and fun”

Book Now for a Hit - No Victim is off limits!


More Info

Murders are hilarious role-playing fun. Gather friends, family and colleagues and leap into the spirit of things; dress up and take on a new persona for some intrigue and fun. You may be a wealthy heiress, a swaggering gangster, a saucy flapper or some other shady character.

Murder Mystery events are most successful if participants dress up and throw themselves into character. With that in mind, when you book your event, Murder Master Bryan will contact you to discuss your needs and the kind of theme / scenario which would best suit your guests.

You'll then be sent character profiles for allocation to your guests, which include costume suggestions and other details to help you and your guests prepare.

When you and your guests arrive at your Murder Party, you'll all be guided through your event by the Murder Master!


1/ Murders are perfect for any gathering or celebration, Birthday or Christmas Parties, business events, hens and bucks parties, fundraisers, anywhere you can surround yourself with family, friends and colleagues. (Looks like you could have a motive for murder there already!)

2/ Murders are perfect for 10 to 200 or more persons, and I can create special Murder scenarios for your group, whatever the size.

3/ These Murder Mysteries are expertly scripted, and can include dinner, lunch or afternoon tea.... even breakfast!

Who can put the clues together first and catch the Fiend before their own head is in the noose?

About Booking

We strongly recommend that all communication with Murder Master be kept within CrowdPleaser's secure quoting and booking platform. We can only guarantee deposits paid through the CrowdPleaser website. You should also make sure their quote includes their cancellation and payment terms.

Your event can simply be a sit-down at dinner affair around a table, or you can choose to go the whole way, taking over a function centre, restaurant or other venue. for a mingle-Murder.

Depending on location and other considerations, Bryan can help you select and liaise with a venue, and make other necessary arrangements; including decoration of the venue, audio needs for larger events and even arrange other entertainments before / after your Murderous time.

For larger events, it may be required that Bryan attends the venue well before the event. You will need to take this into consideration when determining budgets etc.

Some of the most requested themes & story-lines are;
- A Bloody Dickens Christmas (requires groups of 10 Suspects)
- 1920s American Prohibition / Gatsby
- Steampunk Time-travel
- Vampires
- 1950s Greaser

1/ $595 (min. fee) for up to 10 Suspects (participants)
2/ $55 per person for 11-25 Suspects
3/ $50 per person for 26-50 Suspects
4/ $45 per person for 51-100 Suspects
5/ $40 per person for 101-200 Suspects
2/ $POA per person for 201+ Suspects

Fees quoted are for the Murder Master's event hosting, materials and props, character details, the scenario / story-line, clues and any grubby details about your fellow Suspects.

Not included are any other event costs, including (and not limited to):
- venue costs
- food & beverage costs
- your costumes & props
- the Murder Master's accommodation & travel costs, if required

A unique, customised scenario can be written especially to suit your group and / or celebration. Fees for this specialist service start from $995, in addition to the Murder Master's event fees and any other applicable costs.

Free quotes provided.

Liability insurance is held; details to be provided on request.