Mr Hemis Cultural Music Performance

  • Children's Music in Brisbane, QLD

  • Travels up to 50 km
  • From $75 to $150
  • Available on Wed Thu Fri

A professional Chef of 45years and 5 years as a childcare chef ,this was my introduction to the culture of Early Childhood , I learnt their diets and would like to think I supported Mom and Dad.
I would always sing and dance with the children and 1 day I started to learn ukelele ,and thats where this journey began .
Children love the Ukelele and many of them have their own ,they also have their own music genre
Wheels on the Bus , ABCD , Monkees Jumping on the Bed and a host of Wiggle songs.
I have learnt to appreciate each song and perform them with gusto and enthusiasm.
This is 15-30 minutes of Music performance and Interaction .


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I am always pleased to see moms and dads act out the songs along with the children this is very much a point of my performance , everything you do in this space is a memory to be cherished .
The Ukelele playing their songs , the rhythm ,the beat, the tempo ,mom and dad ,family and friends , it dont get any better .
I play 3 songs in a loop and then slow it down and chat a little before diving into another set of 3.
Unless they are feeling it then I just roll with them and call in security if it gets to a moshpit situation .
The chats are always interesting, they love sharing a story.
I always give them time to examine the ukelele ,let them strum it ,beat it like a drum , look for the batteries and the on /off button,true story .
Of course they have many questions about me ,your arms are hairy and what a big tummy.
I encourage you to have a stationary camera or 2 to catch all the off screen action.

These are the categories of entertainment or other services offered by Mr Hemis Cultural Music Performance.

Set up requirements are not needed as it is just me and my Ukelele

Big Red Car
Hush a Bear
Taba Naba

Usually 15-30 minutes is the attention span before they start stirring and its on to their next adventure.