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Glenn Marsden is not just a name; he's a driving force behind one of the world's most impactful Mental Wellbeing Movements and organisations - the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign, which to date has impacted over 12 million lives worldwide. At the heart of Glenn's work is a worldwide phenomenon that speaks into the mission of reshaping how society views mental wellbeing. Glenn's efforts extend far beyond mere words; he spearheads international events and summits, featuring the world's most influential public figures from Australia to Hollywood and beyond. He's a best selling author, hosts a highly-publicised podcast, and prolific speaker shedding light on the importance of mental health.


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Glenn's compelling stories and tactics on overcoming adversity and utilising it to a positive to be able to impact and empower the world, leaves audiences amazed at how one man took on the world with no experience, no connections, or knowledge in the how, yet built an international organisation within 12 months. Glenn's story of persistence, endurance and triumph has brought audiences to their feet hundreds of times over. His unforgettable tales deliver are incredibly inspiring. What really strikes audiences is how relatable Glenn is. After his incredible presentation, everyone finds themselves thinking, “If that guy can do that, what can I do?”
His most commonly-requested topic to speak at a conference about is mental wellbeing, And more specifically, Entrepreneurial Mental Health., how we alone are responsible and in charge of our personal change, how we alone are able to rewrite our story and become the very best version of ourselves and how we can make an impact in the lives of others.
ven though Glenn's presentations largely centre around similar themes: change, personal growth, resilience, determination, self-talk and self-love, and while some of those themes are recurring, every presentation is unique, and tailored specifically for both the client booking him to speak, and the audience they are booking him to inspire and motivate inc.

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