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I will boost the mood and energy of your audience by engaging them to participate in a Laughter Yoga workshop. This is the perfect energizer or team building activity for your next business or social event. Laughter Yoga is a light aerobic activity involving playful games, intentional laughter, hand clapping and deep breathing exercises from yoga. Imagine a room full of adults having fun, being active and socially connected. When the tears of laughter and belly-aches subside, I will share information about the amazing health benefits of laughter and why we should get a daily dose for our physical and mental wellbeing. Let's book a date to laugh together!

Reviews's School Function in Aveley, Mar 2024

Staff had an awesome with Janet. It was a great way to round off a staff development day.

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Laughter Yoga is a group participation activity so your audience needs to know that I am not a comedian who is going to make them laugh. I invite them to join my workshop and I take them through a process which starts off feeling weird because we choose to laugh intentionally (rather than respond to humour or jokes), then as we use our imagination and playfulness the laughter becomes genuine and contagious. We sustain this experience of continuous laughter for about 20minutes which brings us into the moment - reducing our stress/anxiety and elevating our mood/energy. I incorporate themes such as resilience, self care and mental health into my workshops and the greatest outcome I achieve is the social connection between the audience members through having fun together.

A typical workshop runs for 1 hour and includes:
* A warm welcome from me & how I discovered Laughter Yoga
* The origins of Laughter Yoga
* Guided laughter activities for group participation, including a calming meditation
* The amazing health benefits of laughter
* Tips on how to get more laughter into your life

Workshops can be tailored to suit a purpose or outcome that you are trying to achieve and can be adjusted to a 30 minute "Laughter Blaster" session or a 90 minute session with additional group games and an extended meditation. Please discuss your request with me at the time of booking.

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For the best outcome, we require an enclosed room with the ability to make noise (or a private outdoor space works well). Laughter Yoga is done seated or standing (not on yoga mats) so a chair for each participant is required. For small groups of up to 30, it is ideal to have the seats arranged in a circle with an open space in the middle so everyone can see each other and get up and interact with each other. For conferences where people are seated around tables or in tiered lecture style seating, we can adapt the workshop to suit the layout of the room.

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