• Cover Band in Sydney, NSW

  • Travels Statewide
  • From $1,000 to $1,200
  • Available on Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

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KACHIMBAZ is a six person Rock Cover Band residing in Sydney focusing in Latin Alternative Rock. The band
covers classic rock songs with a latin twist, filling a growing market of Latin Rock lovers in Australia. Band also plays salsa, cumbia and classic rock songs in English with Latin rock rhythms.
Their covers manage to be both respectful to the original versions of the song while maintaining a cohesive style unique to the band,
sonically distinctive in their embrace of a psychodelic dynamic style. Their dynamic and culturally influenced style makes for a mix of sounds and rhythms that are both different and groundbreaking for the Aussie audience.


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Expect fireworks and an amazing show full of laughter and surprises. Kachimbaz is an experienced and seasoned band full of young new talent.

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1- Electric bass, orange bass amp. 2-Electric guitar, 1 marshall guitar amps, 1
marshall stacked guitar amp.
3- 2 Keyboards: Yamaha and Roland. 2 Fender amps.
4-Complete drum set with mics as needed.
5-XLR cables and Jack guitar cables as needed.
6-Mic stans as needed.
7-2 Behringer Eurolive B115D 15′′ PA Powered Speaker 1000W

Expect all classic rock songs with a psychedelic Latin twist. We also play all Latin rock classics!!!