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John S. Hudson has been a professional speaker for over 20 years.

He has also been honoured to have represented Australia in three World Snooker Championships.

The highlight of John's career has been to be selected as the Australian Captain to the World Cup of Snooker in 2006.

John has also had to overcome a debilitating Parkinson's tremor/shake in his right hand to start all over again from scratch and then to train himself to play LEFT-HANDED, and to go on and win Championships again.

John provides a truly heart-felt inspirational message with his "Discover Your Inner Champion" speech.


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John will be available to meet and greet your audience before his presentation and will liaise with them after the Q & A as well.

An truly inspirational delivery on John's "Discover Your Inner Champion" speech.

This “Champion”, speech is packed with real life examples of how a very modestly gifted person can achieve significant results with a relentless work ethic and a big dream.

John shares his powerful "5 Key Principles to Success" in his "Champion" speech with your audience. This has been paramount in any of his modest successes.

This "Champion" speech will then give every one of your audience the opportunity to be the very best person they can possibly be by embracing these simple, however incredibly powerful 5 Key Principles in their personal and business lives.

John’s simple belief has always been that everyone has “Ability & Skills” and that all we need is simple guidelines and mental keys to realise the untapped true potential that so often lies dormant in so many people.

It is this "Discover Your Inner Champion" speech that will do just that.

John’s topics for his speech's have been wide and varied over 20 years, however one constant in his speaking career has always been a driving passion to help people “To be the absolute best they can possibly be”.

Find out just how much your audience can personally benefit from John’s speech.

John’s Major Achievements.

2004 Queensland State Snooker Champion.
2005 Australian Masters Games Snooker Gold Medal Champion (Right-handed)
2005 Australian Number 1 representative to the World Masters Snooker Championship. Bahrain.
2006 Australian Captain of the Team to the World Cup of Snooker. California. USA.
2009 Australian Team Manager for the Under 21 Team to the World Under 21 Snooker Championship. Iran.
2011 Australian Masters Games Snooker Gold Medal Champion (Left-handed)

John’s incredible passion for the game of snooker began as a young man when he became mesmerised by watching the “Pot Black” TV series with Australia's own Eddie Charlton.

This one TV programme has had a truly remarkable powerful positive effect on his entire adult life, sparking a huge dream within John, to one day represent Australia in a World Snooker Championship.

"Dreams, why they can and they do come True"

John S. Hudson.

These are the categories of entertainment or other services offered by John S. Hudson Motivational and Inspirational Speaker.

Ideally, a Lapel microphone, however a hand held microphone is fine.

AV required, I bring my own lap-top with a PowerPoint presentation.

Package 1
(1 hour) 45 minute "Discover Your Inner Champion" speech plus a 15 minute Q & A . Fee: $2.500 $2.800

PowerPoint presentation with two Channel 9 news clips.

Package 2
(50 minutes) 40 minutes "Sports” speech plus a 10 minute Q & A. Fee: $1.800

This speech utilises 5 essential mental keys, gleaned from John's World Snooker Championship experience to help you WIN more often.

This speech includes John's powerful 5 Key Principles to Success.

This package is ideal for "still ball sports" e.g. Golfers, lawn bowls, snooker/pool.
PowerPoint presentation with one Channel 9 news clip.

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