Jenny Brockis

  • Health & Fitness Expert in Perth, WA

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The modern workplace is a hard place to be. Burnout, psychological distress, high stress, anxiety and depression are taking a massive toll. But it doesn't have to be this way. My mission is to make work, work better by helping you to understand; What makes you happy? What helps you to thrive? And how can you get along well with others, especially those you see as different from you? My keynotes and workshops are bespoke, tailored to your audience's needs. They are experiential, engaging and fun! As a medical doctor, lifestyle medicine physician, author and trainer, I get that while intentions are good, and achieving change can be tricky, the important thing is to know what's possible.

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Insights and practical ideas galore are delivered in a fun and highly engaging way.
This is about what your audience needs and what you (the client) want them to take away that is highly relevant to what will make their work, work better.

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