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Jayne is far from the usual speaker! She brightens the room with stories that ignite the body and soul and leave audiences feeling refreshed, affirmed and hopeful. Her lively, animated style and thought provoking storytelling are guaranteed to create dancing in seats as you join her on a journey that is both down to earth and authentic.
Inspiring all ages, Jayne's uplifting presentations leave you feeling empowered with a smile on your face as you look at life with a ‘fresh new zing’.


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Responding to the energy of the audience, Jayne’s interactional style and intuitive delivery can bring the room from fits of laughter to a paused silence. Feelings are felt and the stories shared often act as a mirror reflecting the audiences experiences and giving them insights to help them make sense of their own place in the world. Jayne shares openly about overcoming the trials and failures of writing her children’s picture book and how she came to realise what makes her own heart zing.

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- Story Time (Pre school to Year 1)
Join teacher Ruby through storytelling, physical theatre, laughter and a hint of ridiculousness. The children are drawn into a magical interactive creative literacy experience with Jayne’s children’s picture book, Dancing with Ruby followed by a round of Irish dancing.
The educators at Bertram Hawker Kindergarten wrote after a Story Time presentation, Dec 2020:
"The children were enthralled by Jayne as she brought her book, Dancing with Ruby, alive.
She has a special ability to connect with children in a very personal and fun way, that they respond to with full engagement.
Jayne planned experiences to build on the learning from the book, including creating imaginative play spaces, dancing and collaborative art experiences.
These experiences resulted in children developing a deeper understanding of themselves as authors and storytellers and making up more of their own stories and books.

We look forward to having Jayne back again next year and highly recommend her".

- The Journey of the Author (Year 1 to Year 12)
Jayne opens up a kit of tips and tools that leaves the learner feeling freshly empowered as a writer and illustrator. As she shares personal stories of struggles and mistakes, her charismatic oration invites a range of emotional responses and an audience that is poised at the edge of their seats. Jayne’s fun delivery and vulnerability as a learner herself is reflected in the students high level of engagement and enthusiasm. They leave with a bounce in their step and a new sense of confidence in who they are as young authors.
Kate Platten, Year 1/2 teacher at Woodville Primary school wrote after the Journey of the Author presentation, Dec 2020:
"I would like to thank Jayne for her engaging workshop. Her vibrant nature had all students instantly captivated in an amazing literacy adventure. Jayne ensured that my workshop was highly personalised based on my classroom wellbeing and literacy focus. Her interactive storytelling of Dancing with Ruby and exploring Irish dancing with amazing colourful props was an experience that will never be forgotten".

- Up minding (Year 7 to Year 12)
Jayne shares the facts around the thinking and feeling components of the mind with fun dramatised examples, a tool box of tips and many strategies for the students to discern between a perception mindset and the reality mind. The students work in small groups to explore their own moods and motivations and make goals for what they want to change or strengthen. Jayne believes that when we have some strategies to manage and maintain stress, especially in times of transition such as end of Primary or High school, exams or other significant events it gives us a greater sense of agency.
The tone of the presentation very much supports the principles of a Growth Mindset which many students are familiar with and already use to boost their wellbeing.

- What Makes Your Heart Zing? (Suitable for an adult audience)
Audiences leave this show feeling elated and affirmed. The audience are encouraged to consider what makes their heart zing along with the opportunity to take a rest from listening and enjoy one of Jayne’s movement breaks.
Sue Green, Business Manager at the Pines school wrote after a Presentation of ‘What Makes Your Heart Zing’ to a group of Educators, May, 2021:
“The consensus was that the content was very good, especially about the ‘unlearning’ of habits. All the participants I spoke with said they benefited from the presentation in some way and everyone particularly enjoyed references from your personal life experiences”.

- Musical Chairs (A seated dance movement class for adults in their twilight years)Jayda Makvimarniol, Lifestyle Manager at Calvary Flora McDonald Retirement Community, wrote about the Musical Chairs session, March 2020:
"Enjoyable sessions with Jayne – good music with great movements to go with it. Easy for our residents to follow. Amazing work out sessions!"

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