Jason Freshwater

  • Motivational Speaker in Sydney, NSW

  • Travels up to 100 km
  • From $250 to $2,000
  • Available on Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

We are currently offering the following Wellbeing workshops:
1. Improving Mental Health
2. Motivation and Resilience
3. School Health and Wellbeing

I am also sharing my inaugural key-note: Master of Wellbeing.

A former Personal Trainer and qualified PDHPE Educator, my focus in life is to help people gravitate towards the best version of themselves. If the above services interest you, feel free too reach out today.

More Info

My intention with every workshop is to make it about the audience and community that I am working with. I am there to facilitate interactive activities, tell relevant stories and share strategies that develop skills, values and understanding on the topic of personal health and overall wellbeing. These workshops focus on providing resources to help the community be happier, healthier and more productive.

Practical activities include: Guided Breathwork, Deep Rest Non Sleep Protocol, Highest Self Guided Visualisation, Light Exercise, Vinyasa Yoga and Enhancing Team Cohesion Activities.

Relevant stories include:
- 'You always have the option to start again'
- 'Be as ready as possible so more opportunities come'
- 'Transmuting tragedy'

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