• Acoustic Musician in Brisbane, QLD

  • Travels up to 500 km
  • Starting from $400
  • Available on Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

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James has refined the art of Live Looping when playing smaller formats, approaching it as a "producer meets a one man band".
With such a full sound it's hard to believe that it's just him when he's playing as a soloist.
Then when he gets the band together, it resembles the atmosphere of a festival, working with some of Australia's best musicians it's difficult not to get involved with this music and energy making each performance memorable.


More Info

James is all about quality, with years of refinement of every aspect of performing to make every performance memorable.
From investing in a full touring grade sound system covering most production costs to reading a room and adjusting on the fly to follow what the night needs to really take off, not just music to dance to, but entertainment to be involved with.

About Booking

We strongly recommend that all communication with James Dean be kept within CrowdPleaser's secure quoting and booking platform. We can only guarantee deposits paid through the CrowdPleaser website. You should also make sure their quote includes their cancellation and payment terms.

When booking James, the booking covers everything from start to finish, (Production, Lighting, Backline, Speech Mic etc...)
the only requirement is:
-power outlet within 30m of the performance area
- wet weather plan if outdoors.

With years of session playing behind him, his repertoire is over 1500 songs with the option of learning more that make any performance specifically tailored to each person.

Customizable Packages:
you can design what format you're searching for "Build your own band" so to speak.
Solo (Live Looping)
Duo (Optional Live Looping) with 1 extra Musician or Singer
Trio (Optional Live Looping) with 2 extra Musicians or Singers
4 Piece Band with 3 extra Musicians or Singers
5 Piece Band with 4 extra Musicians or Singers
6 piece Band with 5 extra Musicians or Singers (common to add horn section in this format)

Available optional additions I work with:
- Female Vocals
- Drums
- Percussion
- Bass
- Pianist (includes Keyboard)
- Secondary Guitar
- Saxophone
- Trumpet