Gavin Sequeira

  • Entrepreneurship Speaker in Adelaide, SA

  • Travels Nationwide
  • From $1,500 to $5,000
  • Available on Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Gavin is an advocate for resilience and change, having lived in a war-torn country, and escaping religious persecution growing up.

Post migration to Australia and with 10+ years in the corporate world working for tech giants IBM and Oracle, Gavin was made redundant overnight, catapulting his entrepreneurial journey.

As a speaker, Gavin brings a high level of energy and fun and inspires audiences through his unique style of storytelling and life lessons learned.

Gavin is a self-published author, and hosts his own podcast show. He's also been featured on Sky News Business, Huffington Post, Success Magazine, and many leading newspapers and radio stations.

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More Info

* Gavin's presentations and talks are high energy, always fun and ensure that the audience is always engaged from start to finish. He has spoken over the years on various stages personally and professionally both nationally and internationally, with audiences from as small as 10 up to 2000 people!
* Gavin's most recent speaking appearance was at the Entrepreneurs Organisation Annual Retreat in the beautiful Barossa Valley, as the Keynote speaker on day 1. Participants included some of Australia's leading business entrepreneurs - i.e. Rufus and Coco, Gourmet Basket, Carolina Lifestyle Products and many others. The feedback on his presentation was "Excellent!"... " Well delivered"... "Good vibes from all participants".
* Note: Gavin offers unlimited pre-event consultations, to ensure he delivers the very best ideas and strategies to help the audience get value.

* Microphone: Gavin Sequeira requires a microphone, and prefers a headset as a microphone. If this is not available, a lapel cordless or handheld microphone is acceptable. If the handheld microphone has an attached cord, please allow at least 5 metres in length.
* Seating Arrangement - should be located in front of or to the side of the stage, with prior notification if seating is allocated behind. For smaller groups, happy to work out an arrangement that suits the venue layout.

* Data Projector or ability to cast presentation to a TV screen.
* Stage - an open stage with good lighting is preferred. Gavin Sequeira would like a podium should one be available where Gavin houses a laptop and small prizes for participants.
* Water - Please provide a sealed bottle of water, this would be very much appreciated. Can arrange to stay for breakfast/lunch/dinners as appropriate.

* Gavin is based in South Australia, however, is a frequent traveller, particularly to Melbourne (VIC) and Sydney (NSW). If your event is outside of South Australia, we need to factor travel into the overall package.
* Gavin's book - Break Free From Corporate - Be Your Own Boss is available for customisation opportunities and bulk book package prices, available as rewards for business presentations, staff or clients to inspire their passion.

* Gavin Sequeira has full professional indemnity insurance.