Fire Theatre Australia - Fire and Circus Performers

  • Fire Performer in Melbourne, VIC

  • Travels Nationwide
  • From $350 to $5,000
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Fire Theatre Australia's roster of professional fire artists are ready enchant your guests' evenings! We know that every event needs to stand out and be remembered; that’s why we’ve developed unique entertainment to help set the night on fire, with world-class performers to thrill your audiences!
We specialise in high-quality Stage Shows, with an emphasis on intricately choreographed visual displays and BIG FIRE! Select one of our already existing acts, or chat to us about creating a tailored experience that's perfect for you!

- Choreographed Stage Shows
- Ambient Entertainment
- Walkabout Fire Eaters
- Roving Jugglers, Circus Performers, and LED Dancers


More Info

Know you want to have FIRE at your event, but just not sure HOW? Let us know, we can help! Our services are capable of having wildly different impacts on your gathering; from sudden, dramatic high energy displays that draw an entire event's attention, to sustained entertainment capable of being utilized to liven up nooks and corners and catching the eye of small crowds at a time! Our entertainment services usually break down into two categories:

Choreographed Stage Productions -
Complex and Intricate performances that are pre-prepared to a specific piece of music, and packed with multiple different disciplines and visual effects; These are each the result of month's work of development, choreography, and rehearsals; we are constantly building new productions in different styles and themes, so have a chat to us about our portfolio! We are also happy to work with clients to produce a show tailored specifically for their event. Ranges from 1 - 5 performers and 5m up to 25m performances.

Roving and Ambient Performers:
More flexible entertainment that can be used to fill out dead/quiet space in venues or large outdoor events, either as a continuous background spectacle (Ambient), or as walkabout (Roving) performers winding their way between crowds. Our pricing for Roving and Ambient entertainment is the same, and both of these services operate at '5 on / 5 off' stage time to allow performers to take necessary breaks and manage safety liabilities; this could equate to small performance spots interspersed throughout each hour, or half an hour of continuous performing with a half hour break. Often the best option is to book two performers for an hour who can 'tag in and out' with each other to keep entertainment flowing the whole time!

Fire Safety -
We recognise that fire arts is an inherently dangerous industry and take every precaution possible to mitigate the associated risks. The below are necessary steps to validating SWMS, EMP's and PLI / Insurance.
- As a rule, a trained Fire Safety Marshall is subcontracted for emergency response at all bookings, at a rate of $50 per hour.
- An assessment of the venue, performance areas, and environmental hazards will be conducted upon arriving on site.
- Any commercial venues must have the appropriate license and emergency plan if they wish to host the performance indoors.
- The performer may at any time deem wind, rain, crowds, or other environmental factors to be too unsafe for the booking to take place.

About Booking

We strongly recommend that all communication with Fire Theatre Australia - Fire and Circus Performers be kept within CrowdPleaser's secure quoting and booking platform. We can only guarantee deposits paid through the CrowdPleaser website. You should also make sure their quote includes their cancellation and payment terms.

Minimum height clearance of 4.5m for indoor venues
HVAC ventilation systems installed into venue if requesting large fire indoors

Public & Products Liability Insurance policy - Level 3
Cover: $30,000,000