• Master of Ceremonies in Sunshine Coast, QLD

  • Travels up to 300 km
  • From $500 to $3,000
  • Available on Wed Fri Sat Sun

Ven Wolfe is an experienced and versatile Emcee, having hosted weddings, poetry slams, trivia nights, NYE and stand-up comedy shows. As an actor who has appeared in American Horror Story and Beverly Hills Nannies, Ven is capable of adapting to different audiences and delivering captivating performances. Ven is also confident in his ability to control the timing of proceedings and acknowledge the hard work of event planners to ensure the event runs smoothly. With a spontaneous approach that emphasises key ideas and information, Ven Wolfe is an eloquently spoken Emcee who can deliver a memorable and enjoyable event for any event.



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Ven Wolfe will be presenting as an experienced and versatile Emcee, with a background in acting that has honed his ability to adapt to different audiences and deliver captivating performances. Ven is confident in his ability to control the timing of proceedings and keep the event running smoothly, while also delivering recognition and praise where it is due. He believes in taking a spontaneous approach, relying on an outline that includes key ideas and information to be shared, to deliver a successful and an enjoyable event. As an audience member, one can expect to be engaged and entertained by Ven's hosting skills and ability to capture and maintain their attention throughout the event with great timing and a comedic and light hearted feeling.

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Ven has his own speaker and microphone however he is versatile enough to utilise whatever system is present at the venue.

15 Min of Stand-Up Comedy

Willing to Negotiate.

public Liability with $20 million in coverage.