• Indigenous Music in Sydney, NSW

  • Travels up to 50 km
  • Starting from $450
  • 24 people have checked out this act in the last fortnight. Calendars book up fast!

DarkRose Vision is to create a unique sound of Indigenous Australian music with a combination of modern Western Culture to showcase to the world.
Also to inspire and motivate the next generation of non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australians to create a brighter future for our nation.
The featured instrument of DarkRose performance is the didgeribone. As the name suggest its a cross between the traditional didgeridoo and trombone.
Capable of producing a wider variety of notes then the didgeridoo, the didgeribone utilises two tubes, one inside the other, that the performer slides to greatly vary the pitch. like a trombone, the didgeribone employs a much louder final note.


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