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Imagine a conference where everyone is enlivened, rejuvenated, unified and harmonised, and having fun in under 20 minutes . Chris unites audiences up to 20,000 worldwide presenting at festivals and seminars , with presentations ranging from short, vital, musical ‘tune ups’ to keynote presentations addressing Expression, Communication, the Art of Listening, Stress reduction and Self Empowerment. Chris literally creates harmony, ‘breaking the ice’, bringing humour, stress release and encouraging confident self-expression in the audience. He immediately instills an instant sense of connection that communicates and creates a cohesive foundation throughout your conference.

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Sounds Wonderful presents
Corporate & PD Seminars Chris James
What is the
true resource
of your company?
Conferences and Seminars
Sounds Wonderful presents conference and corporate packages tailored to your needs
Chris James presents internationally addressing all aspects of the voice, self-expression, self-confidence and communication - the ability to present the empowered you, in the workplace and in every situation.
PEOPLE are the true resource of any business – Chris James supports people to be leaders and team members in their work and profession.
With vast experience of over 25 years in voice and communication in the corporate world, Chris has the ability to bring out the best in people, engendering self confidence, harmonious teamwork and relationships, allowing true quality and skills to shine out. His presentations are interactive, vibrant, intelligent, illuminating and a great refresher for any business team or organisation.
‘“Our experience with Chris was amazing In an hour and a half he made 100 people
from 40 nations forget their business,
ethnical and cultural background and unite.’
Jan Gorm Pedersen., Airbus Defence & Space
Indirect Channel Director, Central Europe and the Balkans

‘Everyone is born with a beautiful voice’

One Unified Team
One Unified Team Professional Development Course
In order to have an enjoyable, productive and safe workplace, developing clarity in communication and a harmonious working environment is paramount.
This course provides a unique opportunity to build a solid foundation working as an integrated team.
The Programme
• Cross-team building – connecting and building team and colleague relationships, working towards a common goal
• How to deal with tension and release stress
• Communication, listening, and interpersonal skills to deal with stressful situations
• Introducing self-care into the workplace
• How to support yourself and others in the workplace
Communication - the Art of Listening Stress reduction - Self Empowerment
Chris imbues harmony, ‘breaking the ice’, releasing stress and bringing connection, humour, – encouraging confident self-expression in the audience. He instills an immediate sense of connection that communicates and creates
a cohesive foundation for your course.
“The professional skills Chris exhibited were remarkable.
In the 18 year history of the NSA I have had some amazing speakers ranging from passionate presenters on their personal life experiences to Internationally acclaimed Opera Singers. However, your efforts today were the most successful ever at capturing the full attention of every person there. Well done!
Des Dean Founder President N.S.A.

Professional Development
Communication – Active Listening
Mind/Body Awareness “Chris has an amazing gift of helping people
express themselves
Shane Gregg, RCS International Conference
What is the true resource of your company?
Your company’s greatest asset is people. It is recognised that innovation in companies comes from the ‘ground’ up. The hierarchical structure in organisations today needs to support a flow of communication and listening that connects and inspires.
True leadership, intuitive direction and ground-breaking innovation comes from the art of true communication and a new paradigm of listening.
Know yourself – How do we bring our true selves to the table?
The best person for your job is you! Sometimes we don’t know how to bring the qualities that we already possess into expression. Attaining skills is great but how do we bring them to their greatest potential? Are we just making it through each day, or are we able to be truly productive and enjoy what we do? Realise that YOU are your great- est resource.
Bringing the best to the team – recognising and appreciating our strengths and skills Great teamwork inspires optimum output. Chris supports us to empower and develop confidence and our unique qualities as we realise the great assets that we actually are. Consequently, working as a cohesive, co-creative team happens naturally.
Stress – How to recognise and deal with the signs of stress . . . and let them go
How do we let in stress? Often we ignore signs of stress and fatigue as we ‘get through’ the tasks of the day. Chris shows how our body IS telling us what is occurring, if we just know how to listen to it.
Communication and Listening – not just a one-way street
How do we interface with others? Communication is the interaction between two or more people that can deliver opportunities for both. There is a vast difference between hearing and truly listening. Active listening, awareness and self-expression skills are essential for positive, productive outcomes and a happy, supportive workplace.
Self-Care – Enjoy yourself and your work and everyone benefits
Learning how to nurture and care for yourself is part of creating a healthy, happy and truly productive work envi- ronment. Self awareness and self-care helps us to stay relaxed and present – keeping ahead of the stress that reportedly debilitates 76%of our workforce.
Seeing the bigger picture – Finding the flow
Ever feel overwhelmed or behind at work? Time management and multitasking are challenges we face daily. We are often required to perform more than one role in today’s workplace, needing to manage large workloads and unforeseen dilemmas. The ability to ‘stay with yourself’ through stressful situations is central to good decision- making. Stay connected and you can deal with anything.

About Chris
Chris James
is a vibrant and consummate presenter
able to hold and unite vast audiences of up to 20,000 or present intimate seminars.
Chris Janes presents internationally about self-empowerment, self-awareness and the potency and power of self- expression, supporting people everywhere to ‘Develop Your Natural Voice’. He embodies natural presence and authority, making it easy for conference audiences and seminar participants to connect to this within themselves.
Chris’ presentations are always powerful and profound, yet light and fun – every presentation is unique to the needs of the audience. He has vast experience with clients over a broad base of careers and
Chris is accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners for his course – ‘The Art of Commu- nication, Self care and Active Listening to provide professional development for GPs, nurses and practice staff. medical profeession and practice staff and has run leadership courses for the Australian Defence Force Academy.
Chris also works with teachers in schools, private corporations and government departments such as the NSW Police Force .
His ‘A Vocal Adventure For Schools’ program for children is presented worldwide – having fun with voice, singing and self-expression inspires confidence in children and teens to be themselves and let their natural voice and expression shine out.
Chris James is an internationally acclaimed voice coach, teacher and therapist with over 30 years experience, as well as an accomplished musician and singer.
“Thank you Chris for a wonderful course. As well as having great fun on the day, I found the tools I learned could be applied straight away when I returned to work. The results have been amazing! Now three weeks on, not only am I clearer in my ownexpression I am able to listen to others more effectively. Conversations flow more freely and problems which arise are discussed with much greater ease. It’s great to communicate in a way that supports me, my colleagues and patients equally.
Jane Tourvaney Health Professional

Sounds Wonderful Events
Chris James
Professional Development
Conferences and Festivals
– a cross section of presentations shown
Corporate Seminar Presentations
RACGP accredited Professional Development Digital Media - staff development. Australian Defence Force Academy
NSW Police Force support staff
YWCA Staff Development
Palliative Carers, St Vincents Hospital Probus Club (National Seniors Organisation) Univ. of West Aust. Summer School
Cancer Association of Australia
Brisbane Voice and Expression PD seminar
Australian Association of Medical Receptionists Australian Integrative Medical Conference Alliance of Celebrants Queensland Conference RUAH Community Services Conference
RCS “Farmers for The Future” 20th International International Holistic Health Conference
Int. Transpersonal Psychology Conference Internatiobal Home Birthing Conference International Cetacean Conference International Psychiatry Conference International Holistic Nurses Assoc of Australia Inaugural Longevity Conference
Whole Health Institute Conference
Mind Immunity Health Conf (Gawler Foundation) NFSH Conference
Inaugeral Not For Profit Conference
Omega Institute – New York
Centre of Discovery – New York
Hawaii International Cetacean Conference
Bicester Hospital Staff Development
Frome Teachers Professional Development Royal London Society for the Blind
English Shakespeare Company – London
St James Piccadilly – London
Suffolk Teachers Professional Development Health Professionals PD Course
Airbus Defence and Space Int. Conference Brisitsh School of Amsterdam - Teachers PD Life Foundation Conference – The Hague
International School of Helsinki
International Holistic Health Conference
New Zealand
Corporate - The Voice Factor
School Teachers Professional Development
Festivals Worldwide
Woodford World Music Festival AUST Port Fairy Folk Festival AUST
Well being Festival South Africa Festival Norway
Mind Body Spirit Festivals UK Mind Body Spirit Festivals AUST Conscious Living Festivals AUST

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