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International Keynote Speaker on Road Safety, Risk and Family

John’s life journey is one of incredible triumph over tragedy. He was 42 years old, a successful businessman with a wonderful family that included four beautiful daughters when a serious car accident derailed his life

An even greater tragedy struck his family two years later. Carmen, the youngest of his four girls, lost her life in a car accident at age 18

• Nominated for the National Australia Day Council ‘Australian of the Year Award’ 2013, 2014, 2015
• Winner of the Victorian “Regional Community Awards” in the category of SAFETY in 2014
• Featured as the CommBank ‘Australian of the Day’ on Friday 4th December 2015



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John has 25 years experience as a keynote speaker, and at his most recent International presentation, he was a Focus Session presenter at the Million Dollar Round Table conference in Vancouver Canada where 4,000 delegates were so moved that they responded with a standing ovation. John's session was so successful that MDRT has retained him as the Main Platform speaker (11,500 delegates), at the 2017 conference to be held in Florida in June 2017.

John's compelling true-life story takes the audience on my journey where he relates what happened to him and his family. You can hear a pin drop, although there is laughter, and there are some tears, and delegates are spellbound as they live John's life for 60-minutes. John has the ability to engage his audience in such a way that they feel this is their journey, but thankfully it is not. This experience enriches their lives and gives them a greater knowledge for the need to be a safe road user. They will be a better and more appreciative husband, wife, father, mother, child, employee, employer, and friend.

This presentation is powerful, confronting and motivational. It is life changing for everyone who hears John's story.

John gives between 80 and 100 presentations every year, and this is a testament to the value of Carmen's Road Safety Message.

‘A car crash is not just a car crash’

As John says, 'I am passionate about road safety and am active in all forms of media. My comments and philosophies in this area are sought after, and I am currently working closely with Fairfax Media in promoting road safety throughout country Victoria, where the road toll has spiraled out of control.'

We need your help: Together with Fairfax Media, we are calling on the support of businesses in Australia to join us as we fight to reduce the road toll in Australia. I am asking businesses to bring Carmen’s Road Safety Message into the lives of its employees at its next event, and together we may save a life. Most if not all employees use the roads to travel to and from their place of employment. Many employee's jobs require them to use the roads, and businesses in Australia can play a HUGE role in reducing Australia's devastating and crippling road toll.


• Nominated for the National Australia Day Council ‘Australian of the Year Award’ in 2013, 2014 and 2015
• Winner of the Victorian “Regional Achievement & Community Awards” in the category of SAFETY in 2014
• Winner of the ‘Ballarat Safe City Award’ in the category of Road Safety in 2015
• Featured as the CommBank ‘Australian of the Day’ on Friday 4th December 2015

Speaking topics:

• You never know what’s around the corner – (Banking – Insurance – Investment advice)
o John was a successful 42-year-old insurance company manager, with a family of four young children, when a car accident changed his life forever. Doctors told him that he would never work again. His life was saved by doctors, and his family’s livelihood by his Income Protection insurance. He can speak from experience about how fortunate he was to have taken out that insurance. It feels like ‘risk protection’ but then it becomes real.

• Cuddle your kids forever – (Motivational – Family – Love)
o In this talk, John explores the lessons learned when tragedy strikes, not once but twice in a matter of two years. Following his own life-threatening car accident, John then lost his 18-year-old daughter Carmen in a car crash. He was determined to make his family’s story of overcoming unimaginable tragedy a lesson for others. In this moving and inspirational talk, he lets the audience into his fragile life and lifts their spirit and reminds them of how precious family and life really is.


‘I’ve attended John’s presentation three times. The audiences were vastly different but the response was always the same. He has a wonderful delivery and tells a powerful story of success, tragedy, love and lessons learned. John’s presentation is a must for anyone who drives for a living and cares deeply for their family.’ Bernard Squire, Business Manager, Wodonga Chamber of Commerce

‘The first time I heard your presentation I’d never seen anyone hold the audience’s attention like you did. It was remarkable, considering the size of the audience. Everyone in the room was moved by your story and inspired by your message. I left with a renewed “fire in the belly” and the confidence that I was doing something wonderful and worthwhile. The second time I heard your story I was more emotional and more inspired. As an adviser, we have self-doubt and can be distracted from the purpose of what we do that helps our clients when they most need it. I’ve worked in this industry for 20 years and I’ve never been more inspired than by your story.’ Ben Day, Specialist Life Insurance Advisor, Fitzpatrick Financial Services

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