• 60s - 70s Music in Wollongong, NSW

  • Travels up to 200 km
  • Starting from $600
  • Available on Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Smokehouse has various line-ups, from Solo performer in Alex Boston; Duo performance with Digital Drums; 3 piece Band consisting of Guitar, Bass Guitar and Live Drummer; or 4 Piece Band with an added Sax or Harmonica Player.
Alex is a writer, and has a fine repertoire of original songs that can intertwine with classic pub rock covers. As older musicians, our passion remains strong and vibrant.



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Ok. we're not young, but we are enthusiastic and will give you a great nights entertainment.

About Booking

We strongly recommend that all communication with Smokehouse be kept within CrowdPleaser's secure quoting and booking platform. We can only guarantee deposits paid through the CrowdPleaser website. You should also make sure their quote includes their cancellation and payment terms.

A suitable PA is important to us, whether it is for the full band production at a big venue. or smaller venue. We may or may not need a Mixer operator on the PA. However, for small venues we have a suitable PA that we operate ourselves from the stage.

We also have lots of great Rock Covers, as well as laid back Acoustic covers. We have a whole range of songs to draw from.

There are a couple of options;
1. Solo performance is, small to large Amplified Acoustic/Vocals. Can be for a large auditorium or as small as a Busker type performance. Acoustic songs include a selection of self-accompanied acoustic instrumentals
2. Band performances; We can include a repertoire of danceable originals and past favourite covers. Happy to do small or larger venues . We can fit just about any tight floor space or stage. We can provide a Sound System, or use yours if the venue already has one set up and ready to go. Where the sound of the band is critical, we can provide a Mixing Engineer, or use yours if you have one.
Contact us for further details. A Solo performance May be up to around 50% cheaper, depending on distance to the venue. Various aspects of a venue booking may be negotiable.

We haven't been required to carry Insurance or permits, Can be arranged if and when needed.