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Lisa Jayne is Australia's leading authority on the Emotion-Relationship Connection. She is a true trailblazer in shifting the reality around personal relationships - whether at work or home, using her unique and proven formula, that opens up access to new levels of 'relate ABILITY'. Using story, case studies and actionable practices, Lisa clears a new path for navigating life's challenges, whether at home or work. Your audience will leave feeling inspired and empowered with a greater capacity to build new foundations for co-creative relationships, moving individuals beyond frustrating behavior 'cycles', in order to create relationships that feel connected and authentic.


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Lisa is an advocate for restating emotion culture and has a gift when it comes to engaging and captivating an audience. As an Educator and Emotions Specialist, she understands emotions underlie our social problems, perhaps having the largest impact on personal productivity in the workplace and increasing the trauma of relationship breakdown. Yet Lisa's lighthearted, fun and inspiring approach, has her audience feeling empowered, inspired and ready to start a new trajectory to personal fulfilment and potential.

The emotion protocols she uses and entertaining stories, provide a practical and common sense look at what's ailing our lives and our societies. Lisa drives home a powerful message - that even with all the information available, our societies are still on a downhill trajectory when it comes to mental health issues, suicides and depression. There's still a 'gap' and Lisa shares how our feeling world, when we know how to use it, can bridge the gap and open a doorway to innovation. It's a big call, but her real life scenarios and useful explanations demonstrate how individuals who manage their emotions powerfully, even the deepest, darkest ones, become leaders in their families and their communities. These individuals light up a new path not only for themselves, but for others to follow. Lisa's presentations are a breath of fresh air for the maladies of our culture.

As an engaging speaker, Lisa captivates audiences with her down to earth, relatable stories. She offers extensive insights into what it takes to:
 Understand the feeling response and quickly shift it to feel instant relief and find new solutions;
 Use the ‘information’ contained in the feeling to take charge of what’s happening and act effectively;
 Activate personal power to shift powerlessness, fear and overwhelm into feelings of confidence, strength and self-assurance;
 Manage emotions powerfully to amplify personal clarity for deliberate effective decision making;
 Reframe the way we are in relationship - creating deeply connected and mutually supportive interactions

At the end of her presentation, you will leave feeling inspired, motivated and uplifted - with a bunch of new tools to manage your emotional world powerfully.

Lisa has had 15 years experience as an Emotions Practitioner and 10 plus years experience as a cross-disciplinary Teacher, delivering content both in person and virtually to adults, teens and children. She is the Author of "The Emotionally Powerful Mother" and "The Evolution of Emotion" due for release end of 2023. Lisa has worked with over 1,000 clients, individually and in group settings, she has led meditation groups, empowerment groups and emotional mastery programs. In her 'previous life', Lisa also owned and managed 2 small retail businesses, managing up to 15 staff.

"Having known Lisa for over 2 years and thinking about the first time I experienced a group heart meditation for women, Lisa has now become my guiding North Star for how to understand my emotions and use them as information to make better decisions and choices in my life that are more aligned with how I want to live. She showed me a whole new way of looking at difficult circumstances and helped me develop the confidence to express my needs to create a more authentic and fulfilling life." Sarah H.

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Sample Topics:

7 Principles of Personal Power
Finding Your Power amidst Chaos
Building the bridge between emotion and culture
Finding your power amidst the chaos
Powerfully managing emotion for leadership
How to communicate your feelings for clarity, success and empowerment
Ending unproductive workplace dynamics using the 5 Keys
Supporting others without ever burning out
Understanding (and changing) the hidden ‘power’ dynamics of your workplace
Living a new culture of emotion in relationship, for deeper fulfillment, satisfaction and connection

Lisa is available for talks, presentations and workshops. Her delivery can be adjusted to any time frame.

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