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Introducing four elements critical alignment model for strategic and critical leadership thinking. Taking the audience through amazing realisations how we create our reality and our feelings. What standards, attitudes we have, what benchmarks we have, how we live our values and how those elements are influencing others, our environment, everyday life and our results. They will experience a lot of AHA moments and experience transformation through the story of a low-performance individual or team to experience a high-performance culture where you are fulfilled, engaged, happy and feeling like you belong. Work ethics, behaviours, values, attitudes are the most important indicators for success


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Alex is CEO and Leadership Performance Coach at The Mentoring Effect.
Alex’s vision of the future of the economy moving online positioned her businesses for exponential growth under her leadership when social distancing became the new normal.
She is a visionary and has the quality to bring out the best in people and uncover their full potential.
With more than 19 years of entrepreneurial experience, she grew her own businesses in a range of different global markets including Europe, Thailand, Bahamas and now Australia.
Alexandra invested in educating herself by learning from masters of coaching, behaviour and neuroscience, digital marketing, such as Sharon Pearson, Tony Robbins, J.C. Maxwell and Jordan Peterson. Success built overtime for The Mentoring Effect, but her creativity, passion, hard work and determination to learn and grow her company continued to win over client after client.
The Mentoring Effect doubled the size in 2020 and continues growing and expanding internationally.

Alexandra is highly experienced in the preparation of success coaching and business strategies to help clients achieve sustainable growth. Alexandra loves to work with people and knows how important it is to be educated in human behaviour, thinking and profiling to achieve higher performance in any industry and any career path.

With the ongoing study of human behaviour, thinking and neurolinguistic programming she has shaped her international and multicultural business experience into a mentoring profession with extra focus on high performance and the creative implementation of strategic thinking and business strategies.
She has decided to share her experience and knowledge with leaders and entrepreneurs and help them to unlock their full potential, perform and achieve desired outcomes.

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I am passionate about change management, high-performance culture and leadership mentoring. My packages or topics are all part of high-performance, emotional intelligence and leadership. I am facilitating workshops, trainings, team building activities or speaking:
1. Strategic thinking for high-performance in business and in leadership
2. Self-awareness as the first step to success
3. How we create our reality and how we can choose how we feel
4. How do we have the power to influence others
5. Sales and prospecting for success