Chris Huet - Communications Coach, Fighter Pilot, Poet

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Get your event off to a great start with a stimulating session on conversation and connection.

Chris is an experienced and exciting speaker who combines poetry, story and science to help your audience be better communicators. Starting off with one of Chris's presentations helps attendees make the most of their networking and learning opportunities through your event.

Whether using technical, business or creative language, Chris knows how to communicate.​ He has led a fighter jet squadron, negotiated billion-dollar contracts and performed his poetry on stages around the world. Chris draws on practical experience and research to help leaders inform, excite and persuade their audiences.


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Chris delivers two main keynote experiences:


Have you ever felt that you're not being listened to? Do you struggle to get your point across? Are there moments when you're stuck for words?

Communication happens out 'there', in the space between you and others. Too often, though, we get get caught up in 'here', inside our own mind.

Learn how to move your communication closer to your audience, to be more connected, trusted and influential.

This keynote includes practical and immediately applicable tips to improve your conversations. It is a great opening to a conference, to help attendees make the most of the event.


Would you like to be more creative and memorable in your communication? Do you slip into repeating the same clunky words—the rusty chains of cliché, the manacles of management speak?

Poets look at familiar things in new ways and share surprising connections with our audiences. Thinking like a poet sparks your creativity and originality, making your words stand out.

This keynote gives you some simple techniques to tap the power of poetry to make you more empathetic and connected. It will help you bring your ideas to life with sensory imagery and use the sounds of poetry to make your voice more distinct and memorable.

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